With Brexit, new rules for Phase 4, a new US president and an emerging international aviation offset market, there was certainly plenty to talk about…

Companies across Europe, the US, China and others that will be covered by burgeoning emissions markets around the world, such as CORSIA, joined us to discuss the need to cope with cost and regulatory risks associated with a constantly changing regulatory environment.  In the EU, emitters needed to understand the impacts of Britain leaving the bloc, of reduced free allocations through the remainder of Phase 3 and how the post-2020 reforms will alter everything once again. Outside of Europe, the discussion of the potential transformations were no less pronounced, with California’s ETS and other US state trading schemes hanging in the balance post-Trump, and China on the verge of launching the world’s largest market.

The Carbon Forward 2017 conference and pre-conference EU ETS training day equipped delegates, both companies with ETS exposure, legislators, traders, analysts, investors and everyone with an interest in emissions trading, with everything you they needed to know about managing risks and opportunities in the EU ETS & Global Carbon Markets.

If you would like to receive copies of the presentations made at the conference, please contact us.