Training Day

The official Carbon Forward conference Training Day course

How to survive & thrive in the EU ETS. The official Training Day courseFor those new to carbon markets or just wanting to refresh their knowledge, the Carbon Forward 2018 training day is a key element of the conference package. The carbon market experts at Redshaw Advisors have designed a one-day workshop to enable attendees to go from novice to knowledgeable so that they can get the most out of the 2 conference days that follow. Our objective is to set delegates well on their way to becoming carbon market experts by the end of the 3 days.

Course duration:
One day course, from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm – 16/10/2018.


It will be held against a backdrop of jaw-dropping views from the 32nd floor of 25 Canada Square, a skyscraper in Canary Wharf, London E14 5LQ. The method implemented to improve skills and qualifications of the attendees is based on three different components:

Lectures: Attendees will develop a general understanding of the topic areas through presentations by our trainers. The lectures follow a sequential pattern, which begins with a formal introduction of the EU ETS market and ends with a general summary of the learning points. This logical sequence will allow trainees to listen, observe and take notes.

Discussion: Discussion allows each trainee to approach the content of the lecture at his or her own pace, and to demonstrate their mastery of the subject matter according to their level of understanding. Trainees will be encouraged to share what they’ve learned with their colleagues and interact and express themselves freely.

Role-Play: At this point of the training day each trainee is given a task that will simulate day-to-day working with the EU ETS. These simulations can take various forms, based on real-life activities and role-playing. The simulation is designed to give trainees a more hands-on approach to how to think about Carbon Risk Management.

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EU ETS – background:​

  • UNFCCC & International Agreements​
  • History and purpose of the EU ETS​
  • What is covered by the EU ETS​
  • The spread of emissions trading​
  • Emissions trading spin-offs: carbon offsetting and neutrality​
  • Emissions Trading terminology you’ll need​

EU ETS – on the ground operation​:

  • Union Registry​
  • How to source allowances
  • Monitoring and reporting versus trading (Swan Energy)
  • How is EU ETS relevant to data centres? (Swan Energy)
  • EU ETS inclusion criteria (Swan Energy)
  • Steps in the verification process (Swan Energy)

EU ETS – the future:

  • Price history – Phase I & II​ explained
  • Policy interventions​
  • Changes for Phase IV – the EU Commission’s proposal ​
  • Phase IV reform proposals
  • Price forecasting (Energy Aspects)​

EU ETS – your Carbon Risk, setting a strategy:

  • Your company’s situation​
  • Identifying a suitable risk management strategy​
  • Other strategy options​
  • Breakout session: how would you manage the risk?​
  • Getting on top of your carbon risk​

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