Carbon Forward 2017 will again feature an expert speaker panel with leading industry figures sharing their knowledge and experience with the audience. Providing delegates with a comprehensive overview of global carbon markets and the EU ETs, each session will be facilitated by a moderator, who will encourage speakers to connect with delegates through comprehensive dialogue and in-depth questions and answers.

For those interested in giving a presentation to the audience at the Carbon Forward 2017 conference, please contact the programming team at:


Speakers already confirmed for Carbon Forward 2017 include:

Beatriz Yordi

Director, European and International Carbon Markets, European Commission

Ian Duncan MEP

European Parliament Rapporteur for post-2020 EU ETS reform

Trevor Sikorski

Head of Natural Gas and Carbon, Energy Aspects

Louis Redshaw

CEO of Redshaw Advisors Ltd.

Tom Lord

Risk Management at Redshaw Advisors Ltd.

Mauricio Bermudez-Neubauer

Principal Director Accenture Strategy | Sustainability

Paul Dawson

Head of Regulatory Affairs, RWE Supply and Trading

The full speaker panel at the Carbon Forward 2016 conference included the following distinguished presenters:

  • Ian Duncan MEP, Rapporteur for post 2020 EU ETS reforms
  • Stig Schjolset, Head of Carbon Analysis, Thomson Reuters Point Carbon
  • Richard Folland, Executive Director, Inline Policy
  • Mike Szabo, Co-Founder/Correspondent, Carbon Pulse
  • Phillip Ruf, Lead Analyst – EU Carbon Markets, ICIS
  • Nanne Visser ‘t Hooft, Manager Emissions Trading, Vattenfall
  • Ariel Perez, Energy Trader, Hartree Partners
  • Tim Atkinson, Director, ETS Markets
  • Louis Redshaw, CEO and founder, Redshaw Advisors Ltd
  • Jill Duggan, Director of Policy and Director of Corporate Leaders’ Group
  • Marcus Ferdinand, Senior Consultant, Ecofys
  • Ben Garside Co-founder/Correspondent, Carbon Pulse
  • Paul Dawson, Head of Regulatory Affairs, RWE
  • Trevor Sikorski, Head of Gas, Coal and Carbon Research, Energy Aspects
  • Mark Lewis, Managing Director, European Utilities Research, Barclays
  • Hæge Fjellheim, Head of EU Carbon Analysis, Thomson Reuters Point Carbon
  • Andreas Hardeman, Assistant Director, Environment Policy, IATA
  • Kelsey Perlman, Policy Officer, Carbon Market Watch
  • Dirk Forrister, President and CEO, IETA
  • Richard Chatterton, Energy Markets Analyst, BNEF
  • Jonathan Grant, Director, Sustainability and Climate Change, PWC
  • Eduardo Ferreira, Senior Financial Specialist, World Bank
  • Henry Derwent, Senior Advisor, Climate Strategies
  • Alex Hanafi, Attorney, Environmental Defense Fund
  • Stuart Frazer, Director, Frazer Lindstrom
  • Adrian Rimmer, CEO, European Environmental Markets
  • Edward Hanrahan, Director, ClimateCare
  • Sarah Leugers, Director, Marketing and Communications, The Gold Standard
  • Jeff Swartz, Director – International Policy, IETA
  • Kou Weiwei, Executive Director, China Carbon Futures (Beijing)
  • Maarten Neelis, Principal Consultant, Ecofys
  • Colleen Regan, Head of Environmental Markets and Cross-sector Analysis, BNEF
  • James Cooper, Emissions Analyst, BP
  • Paul Rand, Lawyer, Blakes
  • Alex Rau, Co-founder and Managing Member, Climate Wedge
  • Debbie Stockwell, md, Sandbag
  • Gordon Bennett, md, utility markets, ICE
  • Amy Steen, Sustainable Development Mechanisms Programme, UNFCCC